The MultiDigi

We are continuing the development of our flagship device, the Mutidigi.
What can a MultiDigi do?

  • Saves USB ports on your station computer! Uses only 1 USB line for all functions, and we give you a downstream port so you don’t loose anything in the end!
  • Gives you the ability to control two trancievers simultaneously!
  • Gives you two independant full duplex sound interfaces for Data modes. You won’t need to have any addidional sound devices dedicated to Data modes. Watch your favorite online content without fear of transmitting its audio!
  • Full secondary RTS/DTS signalling lines for remote PTT or other switching needs. Works great for sending CW from a keyboard!
  • Tested and fully supports all current radio software packages!
  • Fully filtered for RFI
  • Wide band input voltage 8-30 volts! Use it on a 9V battery for an entire weekend!
  • Inclusion of a microphone interface that allows use of your current microphone or headset and gives you the ability to pipe that to a software for repetitive messages during a contest, or as needed seamlessly straight to radio.
  • Remote PTT switch input, such as hand or foot operated switch.

Other features will be added as we can dream of them!